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--the films, music, writing and photography of R.C. Hörsch. 


 "...there are many undisputed artworks that fall on the 'wrong' side of the divide [between art and pornography] ... In this regard, one could point to more recent works by Hans Bellmer, Robert Maplethorpe and R.C. Hörsch where women and young girls are unmistakably objectified and remain without agency. This work testifies to the fact that not all art is, or is meant to be, beautiful."

--Hans Maes, PhD

("Who Says Pornography Can't Be Art?" by Hans Maes, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2009.)


R. C. Hörsch's work is extremely varied. Because of this, his images, videos, books and music largely reflect whatever happenes to be in his mind and takes us on a journey that, over a span of fifty years, has become torturous and increasingly obsessive.

It is his stated position that sexuality is the crucible of humanity and that it distills all of the human experience. He believes that not only is sex artistically legitimate, but that it is the primary and most legitimate avenue of artistic exploration. It is his position that it is his right and duty to depict whatever he wishes and in whatever manner he deems appropriate. It is his position that he must be free to work without restriction or limit.

The corollary, of course, is that while he has no right to force his work on you, you have no right to censor it. Fair enough?

--S.E. Stokowski

DISCLAIMER: Almost all of R.C. Hörsch's work deals with sexuality and ranges from the quietly poetic to the profoundly explicit and very, very disturbing. If you are not of legal majority or feel that you may be offended in any way by the content of this site, please simply do not enter!

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