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Lyssa's Choice

The diary of one woman's very willing journey into sexual slavery...

by Lyssa Mania

(Diary,  Paperback & eBook versions, ISBN-13: 979-8591028640, 5 x 8 inches, ~50,000 words, 288 pages)

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 A powerful, intensely honest, insightful Lyssa 2008memoir -- the story of a woman who abandons her husband, four-year-ols son and family in order to discover her true identity through an unconventional, often brutal, relationship with a man she barely knows. The reader gets to follow in vivid detail as Lyssa's difficult, conflicted emotional path as she confronts her deep desires and conflicts -- sexual and otherwise. This book is a challenging read. Much of what Lyssa experiences will be disturbing to many. But the power, honesty, and ultimate redemption of her story is stunning. Definitely a unique and valuable look at the complexities and contradictory nature of the human psyche. -- David Steinberg

A wildly dysfunctional love story! Lyssa’s Choice is like an onion with each layer more convoluted, intense and psychological than the last. From the first page, I wanted to scream at Lyssa and hate her for her horrible choice to abandon a loving husband and four-year-old son and willingly live a cult-like existence as the emotional and sexual property of a predatory, obsessive, sadistic and abusive monster. But, in the end, I came to admire her courage, bravery and passion. Her choice was ultimately honest and necessary. Lyssa wants simply to be loved for who she is and not for what others might want her to be. The problem is that she is not what society would condone or what most would love. –Tom Roy

Honest! Intense! Stunning! Disturbing! Lyssa is twenty-five years old, sexually obsessive, unhappy, bipolar, borderline, pathologically submissive, masochistic, insecure and in need of constant attention. She makes a choice to abandon her marriage and four-year-old son, reasoning that her husband deserves a better wife and her son a better mother and that she would be instantly replaced and probably never even missed. Where this choice ultimately leads is a wild, intense, convoluted, unpredictable, deeply psychological and sexual journey to either healthy self-realization or insane delusion. I have read it twice and I’m still not sure which! --Mackenzie Bailey

Choices… Lyssa chooses to leave her family. She refuses to be what they want or imagine her to be. She chooses a cult-like existence as a physical and emotional and sexual slave. She chooses total submission without a hint of the consensual, safe-word trope. She chooses to become an exotic dancer. She chooses to become a prostitute. She not only chooses, but demands to be beaten and abused. She chooses not to compromise. She chooses to be loved only for what and who she really is. I certainly do not agree with most of her choices. Probably no sane or rational person would. But I certainly do admire her courage and her sheer, unrelenting determination to be accepted on her own terms. This is a truly intense, mesmerizing and ultimately rewarding read! --Joe Aird

Refreshingly Politically Incorrect! Lyssa’s Choice is ultimately about a woman’s admirable and dogged refusal to compromise and bend to society’s politically correct norms. It is also an intense BDSM centered love story. However, as such, it is not remotely like the fictionalized pablum of things like Fifty Shades. This is the real deal. While Lyssa is deeply submissive and a genuine masochist who demands rough sex, pain and abuse, she is also intelligent, aware and in no way a victim. Her chosen master, RC, a narcissistic, megalomaniacal and sadistic artist can also be nurturing, empathetic and loving. This is not a casual read and this book is not for everyone. But for those who can grasp its complex and nuanced themes, it is well worth the effort. --Felicia

Again… I really, really liked it but I honestly haven’t been able to figure out why. So I’m going to read it again.

Schadenfreude A mesmerizing, compelling, wonderful train wreck!

Warning! If you are a politically-correct snowflake or have a juvenile, sophomoric view of human sexuality and psychology, you probably should not read this book. --Danielle


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