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The intimate journal of a troubled young girl wrestling with addiction, destructive behavior, bulimia and rampant promiscuity...

By Anna M. Ferkuniak and R.C. Hörsch

(Memoir, Paperback & eBook versions, ISBN-13: 978-1492971054, 5 x 8 inches, ~23,000 words, 162 pages)

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By A. M. Ferkuniak

My ex-husband, R. C., is the one who got me to write this memoir. He's the one who pushed and prodded and kicked my ass and, since I'm not much of a writer, the one who actually got it all down on paper.

The result, what spewed out, is a graphic, sometimes painfully explicit story centered around the sex life of a young girl (me!) who, among other things, started having sex at fourteen and stripping at fifteen. A story that basically can't be told because, in our rational and enlightened society, it is absolutely forbidden to write about underage persons and sex in the same sentence, let alone devote an entire book to it! 

This is because the studied, moral and political position of our society seems to be that people under a certain age should know absolutely nothing about sex. At all cost, they must be protected from such knowledge because (it is reasoned) their ignorance will not only keep them from entering puberty and having sexual feelings, it will also presumably keep them from getting pregnant or contracting AIDs. 

My goal in writing this, my raison d'être, is to help others who may be going through what I went through. To show other troubled teenagers that they are not freaks; that they are not alone; that they can survive!

But that's not gonna happen. Not bloody likely. At best, this is an adult story that will be proscribed even for adults and, if anybody is going to read this book, sadly, it will not be those who need it most.



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