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“Suffice it to say there is no evidence whatsoever of any causal connection even when you have exposed men to massive amounts of violent pornography. Some of the countries where pornography is completely unrestricted have the lowest rates of violence and the highest rates of gender equality as far as women are concerned. Conversely some countries where pornography is completely banned, where it is a capital offense to even possess it, have some of the highest rates of crimes against women.” --Nadine Strossen

 “I am a man and, like most other men, after having sex or watching porn or masturbating, I rarely go out looking for women to abuse and rape. Mostly, I just roll over and go to sleep." --Ron Jeremy

"It’s a curious world where men and women spend billions and billions of dollars in order to appear sexually attractive yet complain about being treated as sex objects when their efforts are successful; where sex is called “making love” and then derided as filth and smut; where female nipples are nasty but male nipples are somehow not; where it is assumed that if children are kept ignorant of sex they cannot get pregnant or contract AIDS; where many people believe in a god that created man in his own image but who also believe the result of that creation to be shameful; where children are allowed unlimited exposure to violence, mayhem and bloodshed but must be protected from all depictions of procreation; where the wonderful source and magnificent mechanism of life itself is too vulgar for artistic or literary (or any other) examination and discussion; and where belief in all of the above is held to be a moral virtue." --R. C. Hörsch

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