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Transgressions Vertical 200x300



A Love Story...

(Note: HD 1080, 16:9, 65:00

Based loosely on R.C. Horsch's short story of the same name....


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i whore 200x300



An intense, intimate portrait

(Note: Documentary,  HD 1080, 16:9, 68.40)


Whore  is an intimate, intense, and sometimes graphic portrait of a human being. It is probably not what you expect and you might not like what you see. But you should watch anyway. .


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Feature Length Videos

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i ds 200x300


Deleted Scenes

A serial killer's video journal

(Note: Experimental Feature, psychological and graphic horror, violence, explicit sex (rape, bondage, sadism, murder, necrophilia),  HD 1080, 16:9, 118.34)

Deleted Scenes is an experimental, unconventional story told almost entirely from the viewpoint of a deeply disturbed, sociopathic serial killer.

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i slaves video 200x289



R.C. Horsch's controversial, quasi-documentary about women who voluntarily enter into and remain in an ostensibly abusive emotional and sexual relationship.

(NOTE: social commentary, explicit sex (sexual slavery, sadism, masochism, bondage, dominance, suicide, rape). HD 720, 4:3, 102:20)

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i mcp 200x250


The Erotic Memoirs of Edmund Bernard Satterthwaite, IV

A Male Chauvinist Pig

Before cable TV, before VHS, before DVD and before the internet, the only way to see pornographic films was in a movie theater or on silent 8mm "loops" on a home projector...

(NOTE: Cult-Classic, vintage, adult pornographic feature, dark humor, explicit sex,  SD 480, 4:3, 71:04)

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i nina 200x260



Women, sex and Pornography: Conversations with the Feminist Left

This feature length documentary was shot between 2000 and 2005. The conversations are as relevant today as they were then.

(NOTE: Social commentary. HD 1080, 16:9, 92:21)

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i lovers 1 200x280


Lovers, Volume 1



(Description, cautions, HD/SD, Aspect, Duration, etc.)

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i lovers 2 200x280


Lovers, Volume 2



(Description, cautions, HD/SD, Aspect, Duration, etc.)

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i snuff 200x260



A psycho-sexual horror film.

This film was conceived as an experimental collaboration between R. C. Hörsch and Lorelei. It was made in one afternoon (without crew of any kind) and executed as experimental, real-time, improvisational performance art. The result is a hyper-realistic, sexually graphic, deeply psychological depiction of an encounter between a sadly troubled, psychotic killer and his victim that transcends genres of both horror and porn.

(NOTE: sexually explicit (oral and vaginal penetration, necrophilia, forced sex and rape), psychological terror and horror, graphic death by suffocation. 4:3 aspect, 92 minutes)

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i cancun 200x300


Cecilia's Cancun Vacation

A very different kind of vacation video!..

"You are there" in this feature-length experimental POV (Point-of-View) video as cute, sexy, snarky Cecilia romps (mostly naked) through a glorious Cancun summer week!

(NOTE: Nudity, SD 480p, 116')


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Video Series and Compilations

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i cecilia day off 200x300


Cecilia's Day Off

Cecilia's amazing (mostly naked) day! A kind-of unreal reality series!

 (Note: An 8 part series, Erotic comedy, nudity, HD 1080 16:9,  79.00)


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i cecilia erotic poems 200x300


Cecilia's Erotic Poems

Cecilia's sensuous erotic dances.

 (Note: 7 videos, erotic dance, nudity, masturbation, HD 1080 16:9,  25.19)


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i cecilia adventure 200x300


Cecilia's (Mostly Naked) Adventures

Cecilia's  everyday adventures!

(Note: 6 videos, nudity, HD 1080 37.23)


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i slava 200x300


Slava's Private Videos

Svatoslava shares private moments...

(Note: 8 Videos, nudity, erotic dance, explicit sex, HD 1080 16:9, 31.08)


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i 274 250x250



Multimedia (video) presentations of R.C. Horsch's gallery exhibitions

(Note: 4Videos, nudity, erotic, explicit sex, HD 1080 16:9, 49:47)

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Short Presentations

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i kathy 250x150



Lyrics, music, guitar, bass, vocals by Amy Madden * Drums by Steve Holley * Cello by Rob Thomas * From the album Discarded Angels on Belpid Records * Music and lyrics @ Writerless music * Video by R. C. Horsch * The dead girl, Heather Cole * The man, Alex De Menna

(Music Video, HD 1080p, 5' 54")

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i all stand up 250x150


All Stand Up

Lyrics, music, guitar, double bass, vocal by Amy Madden * Drums by Steve Holley * Harmonica by Jon Paris * From the Belpid Records album Discarded Angels * Music and lyrics © writerless music * Video by R. C. Horsch * The girl, Amy McHale

(Music Video, HD 720, 3:4, 5:20 minutes)

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i hellfire 250x150



Historical footage from New York's infamous Hellfire Club...

(NOTE: (nudity, BDSM, sexual content) HD720, 4:5, 9:21)

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i uncle billy bob 200x275


Norma Jean and Uncle Billy-Bob in New York!

This video was to be the last installment in the infamous and wildly successful "Taxi Tales" public sex series distributed by Pleasure Productions and produced and directed by Neville Chesters (aka Neville Chambers) of "New York Fuck Factory" fame. However, it was never commercially released because the distributor nominally objected to it's combination of hard-core sex and politically incorrect humor. In reality, it's overtones of incest were probably the deciding factor. Nevertheless, over the years, it has achieved a minor cult following.

Starring Xyla and R.C. Hörsch * Directed, photographed and produced by Neville Chambers * Written and edited by R. C. Hörsch

(NOTE: sexually explicit, questionable corn-pone humor. 4:3 aspect, 23 minutes)

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i dirt road 200x260


Dirt Road

An outrageous, absolutely politically incorrect, misogynic, sexist, ultra hard-core,  experimental music video. Never commercially released.

Starring Audrey Hollander (AVN Adult Performer of the Year, 2006) and R. C. Hörsch  *  Directed by Otto Bauer *  Photographed by Jim Powers *  Produced by R. C. Hörsch  *  Vocal and Lyrics by R. C. Hörsch  *  Sequenced and scored by J. C. Price  * Audio engineer Michael Comstock  *   Mastered by Indre

(NOTE: sexually explicit (vaginal, anal and oral penetration) SD480 4:3, 5:46)

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