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Deleted Scenes is a continuation and sequel to the 1973 cult-classic, Slaves.

It is an experimental, unconventional story told almost entirely from the viewpoint of a deeply disturbed, sociopathic serial killer.

• It takes the form of a video journal or blog composed of fifty short scenes —increasingly chaotic fragments of the killer’s mind that may (or may not) achieve a coherent denoument.

• It is mostly a graphic, violent, sexual and psychological horror story about obsession, rape, torture, sadism, death and insanity.

• But it is also a twisted, convoluted love story about people totally incapable of love.

--S.E. Stokowski, Producer

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"First of all, it is not a film for everyone... By my count, it is made up of about fifty short film clips, almost all of which can stand alone but that together tell a story... highly experimental in content, structure and execution. It is very intense and powerful and not always in a good way. It is slow paced but compelling in the schadenfreude sense of a spectacular train wreck. It is sometimes poetic but often grotesque; alternately convoluted and brutally direct. It is a film that is survived more than watched." --Alexandra Galitsyna


"...structured like a piece of baroque music in a combination of developing and recurring motifs. The main theme is that of the narrator, a sociopathic artist who relentlessly documents and rationalizes his devolvement into a murderous psychopath. Along the way he successfully attempts (a la Frankenstein) the creation of a perfect sexual partner and slave. Also, as in Shelly’s masterpiece, his creation is initially pure and naive. However, here the creator is himself a monster, and his beautiful creation eventually becomes the embodiment of that evil. If there is a message or moral, it is that violence begets violence and evil spawns evil.

"Whether or not I would recommend Deleted Scenes is a kind-of trick question... If you are looking for easy, watchable entertainment; if you are looking for a blood and gore slasher flick; if you are looking for the super-natural and occult; if you are looking for gripping mystery and suspense; and even if you are looking for traditional horror, then Deleted Scenes is probably not for you. This film is simply different." --Paul Hanson




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