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Svatoslava's Story.


I am Svatoslava. I am Russian. I am now fifty-two years.

When I am born, my mother is dead. The doctors chose my life over her. My father was very unhappy. He did not want to lose his wife. He also wanted a son. Slava is a boy name.

When growing, it was just Dido and me. So I do everything I can to please him and make him happy. I keep his house and make his food and do his laundry. Then, when I am thirteen, I also do woman things for him. I can say that this made him very happy. It also made me very happy. I was proud to please him and he taught me many womanly ways to do this. I learn to use my mouth and my woman place and my dark nether place. Also my hands and my feet and the space between my breasts. There was very much love between us. I have all the love of my father. I feel pity for women whose fathers do not love them completely and in all ways.

When I am sixteen, he gives me his seed inside my body and I give him a little girl. She is named Natalya and everyone believe me to be Dido wife and she to be our daughter. Men envy Dido because he is old and I am young and beautiful. They believe him to be rich but he is not.

When Natalya becomes a woman, we share our love for our Dido. Sometimes, he also has us give happiness to other men. The times are difficult and I am very glad to do this but Natalya is not. But she is very beautiful and the men all want to be with her and to use her firm young body. So she complies. We eat meat while others are hungry.

When I am thirty-four the happy life ends. Natalya dies of a fever and Dido is killed by Bratva. I am afraid for my life and a friend of Dido takes me to America as his wife and slave. He becomes my husband and master. I am very happy. I please my master and he pleases me. There is again much love. I am worshiped by my master. I dance naked to arouse him and he gives me great pleasure in return. But my needs are great. Each year they are more and my master tries to return the happiness but he is over eighty years and cannot. Despite my age, my needs are every day.

One evening, my master brings to the house a handsome man. My master instructs me to wear nothing but jewelry and to dance for him and the man. My master instructs me to fall to my knees before the man and to spread wide my legs and to offer my body to him. I do this as I am told. Three times I please the man and the man three times pleases me. Later, the man goes and I am filled with love for my master and he for me. He is able to please me as I please him. We are very happy.

Many times we do this. I am excited to be naked before many men and to make desire in their eyes and also to make them to want by body and my sex. My master gives permission to do this but only with men he chooses. I love to have the many, many men. I love to be naked and to dance and to make them want me. I want every man to want me. Sometimes my master provides more than one man and instructs me to please all of them at the same time. I am grateful for his love and understanding of my need and, in return, I sometimes bring to him a very young woman for him to enjoy. Sometimes we enjoy her together.

I love my ancient master deeply and, in return, I am also loved deeply by him. He owns my body and my mind. I am his property and his possession and his slave in all things. I live only for him. My life is filled with love and I am very happy.



(Svatoslava was 52 years old when the following photographs and videos were made.)

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